Okay, so what am I supposed to do?

Join IGF!
Finishing Testing
Receiving your Assignments
Meeting your Platoon and Company
Getting your First Promotion
Getting your Second Promotion
Continuing in IGF

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This page was put together for our newest and potential members. It covers the basics of what you need to do to get started in IGF.

If you ever have any questions about anything, please post a message on the Main Comlink and ask for assistance. If you're not able to do that or you would rather address things on a less public basis, send an contact to Lord Seaba or Marsuveesblack and they'll be able to help you out.

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Join IGF!

To join IGF, just click on the "Enlist" link in the left menu: it's almost right at the top of the list. If you can't see it, then you're probably already logged in to the DJO site and you've already enlisted in IGF.. In which case, you can skip this section and move on to the next part.

When you enlist with IGF, there are only a few fields to fill in:

  • Nickname: Don't put "IGF_" in front of your name.. This will be the name that you use to login to the DJO site with and will be used across all DJO clubs that you decide to join. If you decide to change your name at any point, you can request a name change on the Logistics Comlink.

  • Email: Your email address is used mainly to keep you informed of what's going on in IGF. Also, when someone replies to your Comlink posts, you will get an email notification. If you decide that you do not want to receive these email notifications, you can turn that option off in your Comlink Preferences.

  • Game: Choose which game you plan to play most for IGF.

  • Timezone: Make sure to set this properly... Comlinks display the time locally according to this setting.

  • Recruited by: Make sure to set your recruiter appropriately. DJO gives out awards to members who recruit a number of people... Help them earn their rewards for their efforts in finding you and informing you about the club. If you make a mistake, contact your platoon leader. :)
  • Security Questions: These are used in case you forget your password, so make sure you set your answers to something that you can remember.

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Finishing Testing

If you're not sure if you've completed your tests yet, go here: http://www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF/training/

That page will either offer you additional tests to complete, or else it will tell you that you are done your Testing. Follow the instructions.

Generally, after completing testing, you will be assigned to a Company within 24 hours. But we get busy every now and then so be patient. ;) If you feel like we need a reminder, post a message on the Main Comlink.

If you need help finishing your testing, feel free to post a message on the Main Comlink or send an email to or  for assistance.

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Receiving your Assignments

After you're done your testing, you'll be assigned to a Section. This may take some time, but once it's done, you'll receive an email like the following:

Good morning, your Imperial Ground Forces assignment parameters have changed.

Regiment: - Lightning Regiment -
Company: 842nd Lightning Claws
Platoon: Alpha
Level: Enlisted
Status: Active

DJO Assignments.

note: if you are pending for a long time (more than 48 hours) contact the person in charge of the section you were assigned to.

Please don't reply to this email.
All replies to this email will be deleted upon arrival.
DJO server-generated message sent 2006-04-20 10:52 EST

Not sure what this means? Of course not, you're still new. :) Here's a quick run through of what those fields indicate:

  • Regiment: A Regiment in IGF holds 2 or more Companies. This lets you know which Regiment you are a part of.

  • Company: Your Company will be like your immediate family in IGF. Most times, when we measure how IGF is doing, we base it on how the Companies are doing. Usually, a Company consists of a Company Commander (leader of the Company), a Company Executive Officer (2nd in Command in the Company), and 2 or 3 Platoons (each with a Platoon Leader and up to 12 members in each one).

  • Platoon: A Platoon is the most basic organizational unit in IGF. Every Platoon has a Platoon Leader, and your Platoon Leader is the first person you should go to if you have any questions (he or she will email you shortly after you're assigned). You should get to know the people in your Platoon if you're able to so you can work together in Wars and Events.

  • Level: This tells you what "level" you're at in IGF.. Since you just got here, your level is "Enlisted". Your Platoon Leader has a level of "Leader" for the Platoon, and your Company Executive officer has a level of "XO" for the Company. Who knows... if you try hard enough, you may get that level of access some day, too. ;) On that note, if you think you might be interested in advancing in IGF at some point in the future, have a look at IGF's Officer Training Program to get prepared.

  • Status: There are multiple levels of "status" in IGF that can be applied to your profile. "Active" signifies that you're currently a member and intend on participating in IGF-related activities. Other status titles are "MIA" (Missing In Action, if we lose touch with you for 6 weeks), "LOA" (Leave Of Absence, if you need an extended period of time off), "Retired" (if you decide you would like to leave more or less permanently), "Reserves" (if you haven't got time for most activities but would still like to participate in gaming Events and Wars), and "STA" (Short Term Absence: this status actually shows as "Active", but a note is put on your account stating that you'll be unavailable until a certain date).

Given that information, you now know what Platoon you're in, which Company you're a part of, and which Regiment your Company is contained in as well as your current status in IGF. If your status says "Pending" in this email, it's because your Regiment or Company Commander hasn't yet completed your assignments. If this is the case, you'll probably receive another email within the next 24 hours with your complete assignments. If you receive multiple Assignment emails and you're not sure which one is right, assume that the newest email contains the correct Assignment.  If you've set your Recruiter appropriately when you signed up, you'll be assigned to their section.  Whenever something about your Assignment changes, you will get an email from DJO Assignments to let you know: it won't tell you exactly what has changed or who changed it, but it'll tell you your new Assignment (this will rarely change without your consent). So if you're not sure what's going on, and if you're concerned, feel free to inquire about these changes on the Comlinks when they happen.

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Meeting your Platoon & Company

Now that you know where you're assigned to, you can introduce yourself to your Company on the Comlinks. Just find your Company's Comlink in the list, and click on the "Post a New Message" at the top of the Comlink to introduce yourself. Feel free to jump in on any other conversations that might be going on as well.

You can also see who else is in your Regiment, Company, and Platoon: the Structure page shows IGF's layout. Find your name on that page (try using the Find (Ctrl+F) function to make it easier), and you'll have located your Platoon. Your Platoon is nested in a Company, and your Company is a part of your Regiment. To learn more about the people in your Section, click the "Bio" button next to their name to see their profile. You can update your profile through the "Player Services" link.

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Your First Promotion

If you've visited the Structure page, you've probably noticed that everyone has a rank next to their name. Your rank is probably "Imperial Civilian". Your first promotion is dependent on the completion of a few very basic tasks that are in place to get you set up to meet members, communicate with members, and prepare for Wars and Events with IGF. For more information on earning your first promotion, have a look at the Imperial Citizenship page in the Knowledge Base. If you need any help completing any of the tasks, send an email to your Platoon Leader: he/she is there to help you find your way in IGF and they expect you to ask them for help, so don't be shy.

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Your Second Promotion

Once you've been promoted to the rank of "Private Recruit", there is only one requirement for your next promotion: you must earn a ribbon in an IGF Event.

To see what Events are currently running, setup, and closing, visit the BSC Events page. Any Event with a status in bright green is currently running. Check the dates to see when it ends. To earn a ribbon, you'll have to play at least  3 games ( for Post-Meeting Tournaments, you only have to show up and play in the tournament!). After the Event is done, the DJO Logistics department will award ribbons to everyone who participated (if you spent any time looking at profiles earlier, you probably noticed that members (ranked "Private" and higher) all have at least one IGF Ribbon. When you have a ribbon in this Section of your profile, you'll be eligible for your next promotion. Keep in mind that the DJO Logistics department has to take care of all the clubs in DJO, so it can take up to 3 days for them to give out the ribbons... So be patient.

For more information on where and how to play games and make them count for a War or Event, contact your Platoon Leader or post a message on either your Company's Comlink.

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Continuing in IGF

After you've reached the rank of "Private", it's not likely that you'll be chased down by your Platoon Leader very often to get things done anymore. On the odd occasion, they will contact you directly to check on something, or to make sure you're still active if they haven't heard from you, but most of the time, they'll be busy trying to catch up with our newest members. However, they are still there to help you when you have questions, so please make sure you ask them if you find that you're not sure what's going on.

Your next promotions will be awarded to you when you're eligible for them (note that 30 days must pass between each promotion from now on... until you become an Officer.. IF you become an Officer.. at which point, 60 days will be required between each promotion). To see the basics on what will be looked at when you're eligible for promotion, consult the Promotions Policy page (see the Enlisted Promotion Requirements section). And no, sorry, you can't skip ranks. ;)

In the mean time, as your Days of Service continue to build up as you're waiting to be eligible for promotion, there are also quite a few Awards that can be earned (these will be shown in your profile below your Ribbons).

For other activities, keep your eyes and ears, and feel free to take advantage of our TeamSpeak and Gaming servers as well. There's always an Event going on, so there's always something to do.

Above all else, the best way to have fun in IGF is to get to know some of the members, so don't be shy on the Comlinks and messengers and invite people to go out for games whenever you feel like trying to get a few rounds in for a  Event. And, of course, whenever you have questions: ask!  All of our Officers are volunteers, and they all understand how overwhelming IGF can be when you first arrive (many of them are still learning, just like you!): they're ready to help you in any way they can, so be sure to ask them plenty of questions.

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